This magnificently restored schooner is outfitted in Mahogany and Teak with four berths and two at the bow, a bathroom and a kitchen with two stoves and a fridge.

Electricity 12/220, length 14.30 m , width 3.61 m, draught/draft 1.80 m, inboard engine FTP diesel, maximum speed 8 nautical miles per hour, VHF, usb radio, air conditioning, maximum capacity: 12 people. There are wide, comfortable outside spaces and the boat is equipped with cushions , a hot and cold outside shower, and is perfect for short distance trips.

  • Day sails to enjoy the beauty and richness of maritime life.
  • Cocktail hour menu with locally sourced, delicious ingredients; sunset dinner.
  • Small weddings, private events and parties and photo shoots.

“Ma Dai” Caique

Elegant Caique in Mahogany.

It has 4 high standing double berths, en-suite with shower and air conditioning, accomodating 8/9 guests.

Length: 25.75 metres, width: 6.85 metres, draught/draft: 3 metres. Engine IVECO 450 CV. Maximum speed 10 nautical miles. Electricity 24V/220V. Desalinator 160l/h. Two power generators, rip 18Kw e 9Kw. Water tank 3000 litres. Fuel tank 2000 litres. Wi-fi. Onboard defibrillator.

  • Italian crew comprised of a highly experienced captain, a stellar cook, an experienced mariner and a gracious hostess.
  • Paddle, Canoe, step, snorkelling and water-skiing. We arrange diving on request.
  • Italian kitchen, local goods, quality sparkling water and wines.